German Toilet Organization e. V. (GTO) is voluntarily committed to the following agreements, codes and self-commitments.

Association of German Development and Humanitarian Aid NGOs, VENRO - Statutes

GTO is a member of the Association of German Development and Humanitarian Aid NGOs (VENRO). Between 1998 and 2009, the association adopted various codes of conduct. GTO follows VENRO’s guidelines:

• Code of Conduct on Transparency, Organizational Governance and Control
• Code of Conduct Development-related public relations
• Code of Conduct Children's Rights

Commitments that GTO has signed include respect for human dignity, transparent and responsible use of funds, and open and truthful disclosure of work, finances and structures.
The association’s statutes can be viewed here.

Code of Conduct - Code of Conduct for Disaster Relief

GTO is a signatory to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct was introduced in 1994 for the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and non-governmental relief organizations. It sets the common standard for conduct, quality assurance and accountability in humanitarian assistance. It is based on the humanitarian imperative that human suffering must be alleviated according to the need of those affected and regardless of ethnic, religious, political or national aspects.

To the website of the Code of Conduct

Commitment to Inclusion

The German Toilet Organization e.V. has signed the "Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action" of the Christoffel-Blindenmission and Handicap International as well as the "Inclusion Charter" of HelpAge. GTO argues that nobody should be left behind in the solution of the global sanitary crisis, regardless of individual abilities, social status or culture. The association is committed to a toiletised world, because inadequate sanitation and lack of hygiene can be the cause of disabilities. For people with disabilities, many old people and small children, the lack of barrier-free access to toilets is a problem - they are often excluded from school or the workplace. GTO therefore demands sanitation for ALL people.

Initiative Transparent Civil Society (Transparente Zivilgesellschaft)

On the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e. V., numerous actors from civil society and academia have defined ten basic points that every civil society organisation should make available to the public. GTO has committed itself to providing all information for more transparency.

Child protection at the GTO

As an association working with children and youth, GTO is committed to addressing the issue of child protection. In the areas of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, health and environmental protection, GTO is committed to helping all people worldwide who are affected by inadequate WASH provision, including children and young people, for example in schools. Competition formats, teaching materials and development education concepts mobilize students and the adults around them to improve sanitation in schools. Competencies such as change of perspective, empathy, emancipatory and responsible thinking and acting are promoted. All GTO employees who work with children and youth in their designated role sign a self-commitment. They are obligated to strengthen girls and boys in claiming their rights and to protect them from abuse and exploitation in the context of development education, public relations and campaign work, at German schools to improve sanitary facilities, as well as in international projects of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The GTO commissions a person who is always undergoing further training on the subject. Certificates of good conduct are applied for on a regular basis.