Breaking the Toilet Taboo

Sanitation is a human right. Nevertheless, it remains a politically neglected, under-financed and oftentimes strongly taboo-inflicted issue. German Toilet Organization (GTO) positions itself in national and international political processes with the aim of increasing political prioritisation and improving specific policies and structures. By addressing politicians, the private sector, academia, civil society and everyday citizens, GTO draws attention to the topic, breaks the taboo and fills knowledge gaps.

Project Selection
Theory of Change

Building Bridges between Persons, Organisations and Sectors

GTO analyses current trends and discourses in order to systematically leverage synergies between sectors, issues and actors. With an extensive portfolio of instruments and methodological competencies, GTO works to shape political developments and uses public campaigns to draw attention to the human right to sanitation. By creating politcal will and translating policy into practice, GTO contributes to positive long-term change.

Our Tools

Networks, campaigns, events & conferences, studies & publications

Our Expertise

Network coordination, public relations, facilitation, events and knowledge management

Johannes Rück
Johannes Rück
  • Deputy Executive Director