Regional WASH Workshops

Regional workshop Jordan

In close cooperation with partner organisations of the WASH network, German Toilet Organization has developed an international WASH training format which is conducted annually in the target regions of German humanitarian assistance - Asia, Africa and WANA (West Asia & North Africa).

The regional WASH Workshop series is part of a strategic portfolio of measures developed and implemented by the WASH network and the German Federal Foreign Office to meet the growing demand for local, qualified WASH experts in humanitarian aid in partner countries. It strengthens preparedness in crisis-prone and disaster-prone regions and supports the necessary capacity development to provide dignified access to clean drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene in disaster-prone and crisis areas.

The transfer of expertise, the promotion of a targeted exchange of experience and the active networking of the regionally active WASH network members and their local partners with the central actors of the humanitarian system should support humanitarian coordination and make specific resources, experience and expertise available for both the participants and the humanitarian system. The initiative is continuously being adapted to the strategic priorities of the Global WASH Cluster in the areas of knowledge management and capacity building.

Further information on the training offer and dates can be found on the page of the German WASH network.

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