Hygiene – clean thing!


The new teaching materials of German Toilet Organization deal with these topics and bring the content into the classroom in a way that is appropriate for all age groups. The focus is on information and design options for teaching, which can be used across all school types and subjects. The two new teaching series with didactically designed lessons are intended to invite teachers in schools throughout Germany to make a contribution to the learning area of global development in their own lessons.

What's in it?

HYGIENE – CLEAN THING | Primary Schools (2020) illustrates why hygiene is important for a healthy life. In three lessons, the topics of children's rights, health promotion and environmental protection are taught in a playful way.

  1. do you know your rights? (Hour 1–2)
  2. be healthy, stay healthy! (hour 3–4)
  3. ... you also wash with it! (Hour 5–6)

WASH IS GOING ON? | Secondary Schools (2020) highlights the global significance of the severely neglected but substantial issue of sanitation and illustrates its interfaces with health, poverty, education and nutrition.

  1. equal rights for all?!
  2. active4WASH
  3. think globally – act locally!

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