No Toilets – No Future!? New teaching materials published


With two new teaching materials, our education project "Toiletized World" expands its pedagogical-didactic repertoire. Teachers in schools throughout Germany are called upon to use these materials in their lessons and thus make a contribution to the learning area of global development.

TOILET, A LIFE-SAVER | Primary Schools (2019) illustrates why toilets are livesavers. Students recognise the fundamental importance of toilets for health and the environment worldwide. Clean toilets cannot be taken for granted and require a responsible care.

NO TOILET – NO FUTURE!? | Secondary Schools (2019) encourages with the Gallery Walk method to approach the access to water, sanitation and hygiene in a visual way. The human rights to water and sanitation recognised since 2010 are still not guaranteed for all people worldwide. Presentation techniques and critical reflection abilities are promoted by the exchange about one's own perceptions and the presentation of the results.

Are you interested in teaching the toilet topic? Here you'll find all materials, free of charge (in German only).