German WASH Network

The WASH network consists of 29 German non-governmental organisations, which are mainly active in development cooperation or humanitarian emergency and transitional aid. They are involved in the WASH sector (water, sanitation and hygiene). They are active in more than 110 countries with more than 150 projects. The network was founded in 2011. The member organisations of the WASH network share the vision that all people have access to sustainable and safe water and sanitation and practice basic principles of hygiene on their own responsibility.

In addition to professionalisation through the development of a continuous exchange of knowledge as well as a better interlinking of emergency assistance/transitional assistance and development cooperation, the activities of the network are above all the joint representation of interests and public relations work. Among other things, work is carried out in working groups on various topics. In addition, regular network meetings are held.

GTO and the German WASH network

In addition to its membership in the network, German Toilet Organization holds the secretariat of the WASH network. Speaker of the WASH network is Thilo Panzerbieter (GTO Executive Director) and Johannes Rück is Network Coordinator.