Toiletised World

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Toiletised World – think globally act locally

”Toiletised World“ is a developmental education programme for students and teachers from the 3rd grade onwards at schools in Berlin on the subject of sanitation worldwide with the aim of promoting sustainable thinking and action.

All people share a need – they need to go to the toilet, regardless of origin, social status and age. Hardly anyone knows that one third of the world's population lives without a toilet. 1 billion people even have to defecate outdoors. This becomes a problem, because where toilets, clean drinking water and washing facilities are lacking, pathogens can spread particularly quickly and cause life-threatening illnesses. Not only the worldwide sanitary situation is alarming, but also the condition and handling of many school toilets in Germany. The reflection of one's own problems (e. g. vandalism, toiletries) increases the appreciation of one's own school toilet, creates awareness and promotes the One World idea.

On project days, students will use a variety of exercises to explore the global differences in basic sanitation and the connection to areas such as education, health, gender, social development and the environment. Here the importance of clean and safe toilets for a good life as well as the socio-cultural and natural diversity of the One World becomes clear. Afterwards, the ideas of the pupils will be presented within school as well as within the framework of public relations actions and their social commitment will be promoted. The COVID 19 crisis is perceived as an opportunity to work together to ensure a safe and clean learning environment in schools.

Take part, because you too can make a difference and help shape the future of our world!

You can find more information (in German) about the project in the download section.

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  • 50%
    of the world's population lives without safe sanitation
  • 620 Mio
    children have no access to drinking water and toilets at school
  • 10years
    human rights to water and sanitation

Due to the lack of access to a good toilet and dirty, disease-causing water, about 800 children die every day. Sanitation and washing hands with soap are necessary measures to save these lives and prevent malnutrition. Furthermore, schoolgirls of menstrual age do not take part in lessons due to a lack of sanitary infrastructure and privacy in the school.

The project "Toiletised World" was awarded as an official project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in 2013-2014.

12/12/2019 | Schools

Education programme "Toiletised World" increases impact

With a pilot project in the second half of 2019, the German Toilet Organization e. V. (GTO) has successfully expanded the impact of its development education work for the first time by using multipliers. Teachers at schools and employees of supply and disposal companies are called upon to apply the knowledge they have learned in their work.


Toiletized World – what does that mean?

Toiletized World is an education project in which students can actively experience the working methods of development cooperation using the example of sanitation. Using their own school toilets, the students deal with the sanitary emergency in many countries of the world and its effects on the most diverse areas of life (e. g. education, health, environment).

Who is the project aimed at?

Classes / groups from the 3rd grade onwards in schools of all types in Berlin and the surrounding area, the target groups include in particular pupils, teachers and school social workers.

Which competences does the project promote?

The project promotes competencies of global learning such as the recognition of socio-cultural and natural diversity of the One World, a change of perspective and empathy, communication, judgement and action as well as the ability to participate and to help shape the Sustainable Development Goals.

Is there a difference between the project in primary and secondary schools?

Yes. In primary schools, the action takes place after the one-day-workshop within the school and with secondary schools in the public space.

How can I register?

Please contact the project management directly via e-mail or telephone.

Can a school participate more than once?

Yes, a school can participate several times, but not the same class / group.

Does the project cost anything?

No. There are no costs for the school. In addition, the class has a budget of up to 150 € for material costs for the preparation of the action.

Is my data safe at GTO?

Yes. During the workshop and action day, image, film or sound recordings will be made. The GTO stores these recordings for documentation purposes and project-related reporting. The pictures and videos will be published without personal data, i. e. name, first name of the pupil, for press effective use during the campaign day. Further information on data protection can be found in the data protection declaration on the website.