Toilets Making the Grade in Uganda

The “Toilets Making the Grade” (TMG) school competition in Uganda centers around improved performance of learners at schools. Because better health also means better grades.

As Dr. C. T. Mukasa Lusambu, Assistant Commissioner Primary Education and TMG Patron for Uganda, wrote in the foreword of the national TMG Competition Guideline:

“With better WASH in schools, learners are healthier and have a better learning environment enabling them to perform better! There is a direct connection between school attendance, health, adequate school toilets and handwashing.”

The first round of TMG was implemented by the Directorate of Education and Social Services in collaboration with the Directorate of Public Health and Environment of the Kampala Capital City Authority. It was fully supported by GIZ's “Sanitation for Millions” programme. GTO was supplying the contest methodology and assisting GIZ and local partners to adapt it to the local context.

In the school year 2017–2018 all 79 public primary schools in Kampala competed for becoming a TMG model school in their area.

In the school year 2019/20 the Ministry of Education and Sports expressed interest to scale up TMG countrywide starting in Apac and Lira Municipal schools in Northern Uganda and Kampala. In 2020 the focus of TMG may shift stronger to hygiene and pandemic control. We are looking forward to the next round.

On the right side of this page TMG participants from Uganda and the interested public can find the TMG materials for download.


Competition Guideline

This document helps you to understand:

  • How to participate in TMG
  • How to develop and implement your TMG competition proposal
  • How to use the different TMG tools
  • The context of water, sanitation and hygiene at schools in Uganda

Conditions for participation

This document helps you to understand:

  • Who is eligible to participate
  • The process of TMG
  • Evaluation criteria to become a model school
  • The legal conditions

Registration Form

With this form you can register at your respective education office. The deadline for registration will be published here as soon as available.

Proposal Form

The results of your analysis and the solutions you have developed for your sanitation challenges at the school have to be filled into this form and handed in to your respective education office.