My School Loo


Playful Sanitation and Hygiene Education for Children

“My School Loo” provides a range of easy-to-understand and easy-to-use educational materials to inspire children to improve hygiene and sanitation practices, mobilise collective action and trigger long-term behaviour change. It is based on the concept of playful learning and ranges from comics over puppet theatre to card games and much more.

“My School Loo” has been developed by German Toilet Organization (GTO) in partnership with UN-Water to support implementing organisations in their hygiene promotion and education efforts. After extensive usage over the past years in various countries, such as Lesotho, Cameroon, or the Philippines, the materials have now been thoroughly revised and several new modules have been developed. This has been made possible through the generous support from Knorr-Bremse Global Care, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and private donations.

The final result is a prefabricated, ready-to-use “My School Loo” Kit, which allows for an immediate application in schools, community settings and beyond. The materials are universally applicable both in emergency and development contexts and can be easily combined with existing educational or awareness raising materials and activities (e.g. group handwashing exercises).

The “My School Loo” kit is made out of durable high-quality materials that allow for repeated application and long-term use. With estimated costs of less than 10 cents per reached school child it can be considered a very cost-efficient tool to improve school hygiene practices and behaviours in schools worldwide.

The “My School Loo” kits can be provided to interested organisations at a cost price. GTO as a non-profit organisation does not generate any revenues from selling the kits. In addition, GTO is looking for interested public or private donors, foundations or individuals who can support the production of the kits so that they can be provided to local WASH actors at a reduced rate or free of charge.

  • If you or your organisation are interested in using the “My School Loo” materials, or for any further inquiries, please contact us by e-mail:

Very interactive and playful materials with a manual that is very easy to understand.
(Teacher, Philippines)


Who are the target groups of “My School Loo”?

“My School Loo” aims at working with children and adolescents, ranging from kinder- or preschool level to secondary- or high school. However, adults who are enthusiastic about games and challenges are certainly not excluded.

In which contexts can “My School Loo” be used?

The materials are applicable within school contexts and beyond. They can be applied while working with children affected in emergency contexts, in community health clubs, hygiene promotion trainings and the like. My School Loo is suitable to be integrated as part of school curricula, other WASH in school programs, or any sanitation, health and hygiene activities.

What does the “My School Loo” kit contain?

The “My School Loo” kit is a “ready-to-use” shoulder bag, comprising of different interactive modules on durable materials, designed for long-term use. Additionally, a hard drive is included with all materials as soft copies for individual print out. The kit comprises of:

  1. Manual (4x)
  2. Posters (4x)
  3. Single Cards (2x)
  4. Card Game “Beat the Germs” (3x)
  5. Memory Game (2x)
  6. Puppet Theatre Characters (1 set)
  7. Worksheets (2 different sets and answer sheets)

How much does the “My School Loo” kit cost?

The My School Loo Kit can be purchased at a cost of 200 € (excluding shipping costs). If you want to order larger quanities, please request an individual offer. GTO is a non-profit organisation and VAT exempt, hence there is no profit generated through the purchase.

How many children can be reached with one “My School Loo” kit?

Each kit is designed for the long-term use in one school. It allows the repeated application in one class at a time. Depending on the size of the school one kit can reach 500-3000 children over a prolonged period of time. This translates to a cost per reached school children ratio of around 10 cents (€).

Can I download the print files?

Please contact us individually (, when you are interested in acquiring the download files without purchasing the total kit.