Basic Courses WASH

Inlandschulung der GTO

Project background

For many years, GTO has been organising two-day trainings on a variety of topics in the field of "Water, Sanitation and Hygiene" (WASH), both in the context of development cooperation and emergency and transitional aid.

WASH is an omnipresent cross-sectional component and plays a role in many projects, be it health or food security projects or the construction of schools and other public facilities. Many NGOs (mostly small ones) often have no or insufficient expertise in this field of work or no financial means to purchase this knowledge or advisory services to a sufficient extent. In order to meet the demands and complexity of the topic, the training courses fill an important gap in development education work and respond to the great demand from NGOs and people interested in development policy.

The seminars are a mixture of presentations and interactive group exercises and serve to impart knowledge and exchange experiences. The target group are committed individuals and employees of German non-profit development organizations. The overriding objective is the quality assurance of WASH measures within the framework of participants' projects abroad. The course language is German.

Currently, there are no training dates scheduled for 2024.